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Welcome to Operations Management! During the next 9 weeks, you will learn about different production processes, i.e. continuous flow through job shop. You will explore operations and production methods through in-class plant "tours" as presented in the textbook. As a capstone exercise, you will select and analyze your own independently developed production process as a class project. These notes and other materials supplement and complement your text assignments and contain specific references to the text where appropriate. Additionally, you will find a "Tour Guide" for use when analyzing assigned tours, as well as materials to assist you in planning and conducting your class project. Please visit and review these materials so you are familiar with what is available and where it may be found. Students are urged to do independent research about selected course topics by seeking information through the World Wide Web and to seek and report on current topics relating to the operations management as it impacts the purchasing and acquisition process.

These links will assist you as you work through the course materials and related assignments.  Please ensure that you maintain close contact with your professor throughout the entire 9 weeks. 

PROC 5820 Syllabus

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