Based on your experience, reading, and our discussion of Contract Types, what type(s) of contract could or should be applicable to the six situations below:



1.      The roof has blown off the Commissary Warehouse and $3,000,000 in merchandise could be at risk.



2.      The Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft is ready to start the Initial Production Phase.  What is a suitable contract type to use during this phase? Secondly, the program has now matured and is ready for full-rate production. Since it remains a political football, it is essential that the program be maintained within the $13 billion annual project budget. What contract type would best suit this phase of the program?



3.      It has been determined that a contract will be placed for Military Family Housing maintenance.  The activity head is particularly concerned with compliance with a 4-hour response to emergency work and a 49-hour response time on routine, non-emergency work.



4.      20 each ANPS99 Radar Vans have been deployed to Europe.  Contractor calibration and maintenance must be performed semiannually and emergency maintenance, repairs beyond the capability of the Air Force technicians must be performed within 6-hours of a van going down.



5.      A contract is needed for maintenance and repair of 500 hand-held portable radios at Edwards Andrews Air Force Base.  Historical data indicates that between 15% and 20% of the radios will require some type of repair during any given year.



6.      A requirement exists for portable toilets to be placed at ball fields, visitors gates, and other locations on a military base.  An additional 100 are needed on a one time basis for the Armed Forces Day Open House.


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